For those who desire to become a teacher without an education degree, there are several options for starting a teaching career as a second career: 

  • Daycare/Childcare Teacher
  • Private Schools
  • Public Library Assistant

Daycares and childcare facilities in every state seek out teachers for their preschool classrooms, and most do not require a degree of any level. If the student is desiring to find a place to teach the children they desire without the degree necessary, then this may be the right option. 

Private schools in local communities have their own requirements for their teachers. When asking “where can I teach without certification,” many find themselves applying to these institutions. Because the education is private at these institutions, the administration is not required to follow the standard certification requirements for teachers, with some allowing those to teach without a degree. 

For those who are looking to read and work with young children in the community, public libraries hire library assistants regularly to assist with local youth programs and teach children the benefits of reading. No matter which of these teaching jobs without a degree one chooses, these individuals do have the ability to visit online programs and pursue a degree with teaching certification programs online. 

Teaching Certification Programs Online

For those who may have a degree but not a teaching certification, there are online options available, but most require students to continue their education. Many states offer a variety of options for those seeking how to get a teaching certificate without a degree, the student just needs to review their state requirements for what entails the alternative teacher preparation program beyond a Bachelor degree.

Many are able to use previous work experience when applying for these alternative certifications. They may also be required to attend a few courses in order to gain a perspective of specific subjects and/or child development based upon the requirements of the state department of education.

While seeking out “where can I teach without certification” these students find a number of options available to help them gain teaching certification through online programs. This eliminates the need for students to question how to get a teaching certificate without a degree once they complete these programs. 

Becoming A Teacher Without An Education Degree

How to get a teaching certificate without a degree is a question often asked by those who desire to teach, but do not have the standard requirements. Becoming a teacher without a teaching degree is an option that many educators in the past few years have found to be their path into the classroom. Most states offer a variety of alternative teacher preparation program options that give those who may have earned a Bachelor degree in a different field the ability to turn that into a temporary teaching certification. 

Some decide to take their current education to the next level and pursue teaching certification programs online by receiving another degree that offers that teaching certification. 

National programs like Teach for America offers students with a Bachelor degree outside of education the ability to gain a temporary certification that will lead to a permanent certification after completion of the program. Some programs are based at the state level. For Example, in South Carolina, there is an option to becoming a teacher without a teaching degree through the PACE program. This program allows applicants with a Bachelors degree, working experience, and passing Praxis test scores to apply and receive a temporary teaching certification. Programs like this can be found across different states for those wondering where can I teach without certification or becoming a teacher without an education degree.

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