An information technology career path is very flexible. With an online degree in information technology , specialists are able to choose from a variety of computer science jobs. 

What are the Career Opportunities in Information Technology ?

A typical information technology careers list will include titles such as computer systems analyst, software developer, web developer, IT security specialist, network administrator, chief technology officer, information technology manager, network architect, and computer forensic analyst. Adding certifications to any degree program can also expand an information technology career path. As an example, Cisco Certified Network Associates are eligible for careers as network engineers or systems administrators. For the certification for CompTIA A+ Technician, career opportunities include in-home support specialists and help desk technicians. 

Many degree holders also pursue jobs that demand a mix of soft skills like good communication and leadership with hard skills like computer systems management. Examples of these types of careers include information technology manager, IT consultant, and IT security specialist. These types of careers are perfect for job seekers who possess a blend of people skills and technical prowess. 

For those who prefer to work behind the scenes, a job as a network architect, computer forensic analyst, and user interface developer may be a better fit. A non-traditional information technology careers list may include the following positions: social media director, video game designer, mobile application developer, and AutoCAD drafter.    

What Types of Bachelor of Information Technology Jobs are Available?

Bachelor of information technology jobs is some of the fastest-growing positions in the United States. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited online program prepares students for careers both as generalists and specialists in the field of information technology. Information technology generalists are usually at the front line for addressing computer and network issues. They may work in support positions and have the skills to troubleshoot any common hardware and network problems. 

A bachelor’s degree can also be an appropriate choice for specialized positions such as computer hardware engineer, network architect, and software engineer. Although there is plenty of bachelor of information technology jobs available, some choose to return to school for a master’s in information technology. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for information technology jobs for master’s degree holders through 2026 is as high as 19 percent. Information science jobs especially have high demand since many companies are struggling to fill open positions. There will be as many as 5,400 new jobs created for computer and information research scientists over the next ten years. 

Most of the top careers, such as UX designer , require a bachelor’s or master degree in computer science or information technology . However, an information technology career path for computer support specialist, digital marketer, and junior data analysts may be possible without a degree. However, any advancement opportunities usually demand a college degree .

What are Some of the Highest Paying Information Technology Careers?

Compensation is lucrative for IT jobs, especially when looking at averages for information technology management salaries. An information technology manager, also referred to as IT project manager makes a mean of $131,600 annually. A manager oversees an IT department and will be responsible for delegating tasks to team members while managing all computer-related systems. Network architect and hardware engineer jobs also offer top salaries in the industry. These types of jobs require high technical skills and may involve working with the moving parts of a computer, coding, and building data networks. 

With the growing demand for software and applications, developer jobs have seen a surge in salary figures. Software systems developers and software applications developers both can earn more than $100,00 per year. Software applications developer jobs exceed 700,000 while software systems developer job openings are upwards of 140,000. An online IT degree prepares students for any of these top-paying tech careers.    

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