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Criminal justice is one of the most reliable career paths, and one of the most crucial. And importantly, for many people looking for a criminal justice career, there are job opportunities at all education levels. Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice jobs and criminal justice associate degree jobs are plentiful and always in need of experienced, qualified professionals. Plus, criminal justice salary expectations can go much higher than comparable education levels, as well. Criminal justice salary per hour – even criminal justice salary with associate’s degree education – can be high for those who can meet the demands.

Education for Entry Level Criminal Justice Jobs Near Me?

Entry-level criminal justice jobs are not hard to find. They can range from police officers, crime scene investigators, forensic science technicians, and probation officers. An associate’s in criminal justice from a community college will provide the basic entry-level positions and help an applicant with a strong foundation of criminology, ethics and social justice, and law and public policy. Other courses of interest in a criminal justice degree are cyber security and paralegal instruction . In some cases, a class in counterterrorism and homeland security may be required.

However, earning an online criminal justice bachelor’s degree will not only increase your salary potential but also introduce concentrated instruction for learning. The best online criminal justice programs can also help graduates with a strong foundation in criminology while building a network of colleagues within the criminal justice field.

Entry-level criminal justice jobs depend on the actual applicant’s work history and what degree they received while in school. Workers can find ample demand for 2-year criminal justice degree jobs. Some criminal justice associate degree jobs include corrections or probation officers. The criminal justice salary with an associate’s degree stands among the highest rates for students with less experience, because of the inherent challenges of the job.

Bachelor’s in criminal justice jobs include careers in public service, for instance, social workers, private investigators, paralegals, or police officers. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is usually necessary for leadership positions, so law enforcement and administrators who want to advance can benefit from an online criminal justice degree . Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice salary is a real improvement over what is available for associate’s degree holders. A bachelor of science in criminal justice focuses on” hard science” jobs, similar to crime scene investigators, forensic nursing, and crime technicians.

How Much Does a Criminal Justice Degree Make?

Entry-level criminal justice jobs are a great place to start your career. A Criminal Justice salary is determined by what type of job is offered, the experience of the applicant, and the employer (local, state, or federal agencies, in particular). For instance, a crime scene investigator can make close to $70,000 annually. However, with higher education and years of service, the positions can become more lucrative.

There is also some criminal justice salary per hour jobs in certain areas as well. Security officers and paralegal assistants are among those that are more than likely to be paid hourly. Education makes a big difference in hire-ability and in the potential for advancement, so the return on investment for a degree is clear.

Will a Criminal Justice Job Be Worth it?

As long there are still crimes to be solved and the public to protect and serve, so will the need of people willing to take a stand and put themselves on the line. With a job market always in search of workers, and the opportunity to make an honest living doing good, criminal justice jobs are always worth it.

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