Indiana residents, especially working adults, have been turning to online college as a viable option for advancing their careers. Attending an Indiana online university is valuable for two reasons. First of all, Indiana online colleges give people the flexibility that their on-campus counterparts don’t always have. When you choose an Indiana online university, you can work, raise your family, tend to your responsibilities, and still go to school. Meanwhile, the education that you’ll get online is just as good as the education you’d get on campus. Online universities have been around long enough that they’re not experimental anymore. Your diploma should look exactly the same as the diploma that your on-campus peers will receive. 

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Indiana

In this list you will find colleges from Indiana that offer at least a handful of fully online degree programs in addition to some certificate, associates, and continuing education options. The pentaq电竞官网全球 ranking of the best online colleges in Indiana features only accredited, reputable institutions that meet pentaq电竞官网全球 Best Value standards of quality and return on investment.

1. Purdue University Global

Topping the list of the best online colleges in Indiana is Purdue University Global. The school offers 27 online bachelor’s degree programs. They are accounting, business administration, analytics, corrections, communication, cloud computing and solutions, cybersecurity, criminal justice , finance, environmental policy and management, early childhood administration, health care administration, fire and emergency management, fire science, health information management, human services in youth/family services and administration, health and wellness, health science, liberal studies, legal support and services, information technology, professional studies, nutrition, nursing (regular or RN to BSN), and psychology (three concentrations).

Purdue University started as a land-grant institution based in West Lafayette, Indiana. The current Purdue Global is the result of an acquisition. Purdue bought out Kaplan University, which specialized in online education for adults, and used this new asset to create a new school, which is now known as Purdue Global. Purdue’s ExcelTrack™ allows students with established careers or previous college credits to finish faster and save money.

Number of Online Programs : 27

school website

2. Saint Mary of the Woods College

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is another of the best online colleges in Indiana , with 15 bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed online. The programs available are accounting, healthcare administration, kindergarten-grade 6/mild intervention, professional writing, business administration, human resource management, marketing, psychology, criminology, human services, paralegal studies, theology, English, information technology, and preschool-grade 3/mild intervention.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a private Catholic school that is rooted in the liberal arts and in the values and traditions of the Catholic faith. All students are required to take one theology course. The school values social justice and provides many opportunities for students to participate in community service. Other values include spirituality, gender equality, diversity, and sustainability. The school believes that all people are worthy of respect and appreciation. The student to faculty ratio is just 13 to 1, so there won’t be any trouble getting individualized attention from the instructors.

Number of Online Programs : 23

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3. Anderson University

Anderson University offers two online bachelor’s degrees and many more graduate programs. The business administration and leadership program consists of 8-week courses and is perfect for working professionals who are unable to leave the workforce to pursue a business degree. The criminal justice program prepares students for careers in law enforcement, juvenile justice, victim advocacy, and more.

At Anderson University, life doesn’t have to get in the way of a college education. Students can advance their careers by completing an online degree that is designed to fit around work, kids, or whatever other challenges students may have. Anderson University is a Christian university, and the school has outstanding instructors who care about their students. As a Christ-centered school, Anderson University is one of the best online colleges in Indiana for students who seek a solid faith-based education

Number of Online Programs : 14

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4. Indiana University East

Indiana University East offers 14 online degree completion programs. These programs allow students who have already completed some college credits to finish their bachelor’s degrees online. The programs offered are applied health science, business administration, applied science, criminal justice, communication studies (BA or BS), general studies, English (technical and professional writing), mathematics, informatics, nursing (RN to BSN mobility option), natural science and mathematics (concentration in mathematics), psychology, and political science.

With so many options to choose from, Indiana University East is clearly one of the best online colleges in Indiana for bachelor’s degree completion programs. Online students earn the same degrees with the convenience and flexibility they need to succeed in both school and life while following an intense program that is every bit as rigorous as the online version. The school has advisors who work with students to create individualized study plans based on their academic background and goals.

Number of Online Programs : 14

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5. Oakland City University

Oakland City University offers online bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice (generalist option), business administration, and operations management. There are six options available for the business administration program: accounting, marketing, secondary education, human resource management, management, and sports administration). Pursuing an online degree at Oakland City allows you to complete your degree more quickly and save money as well.

Oakland City University is a Christian university offering an affordable, quality education. The school focuses on training leaders with good Christian values and high moral and ethical standards. Although the format for delivery of classes is online, the school’s emphasis on service, integrity, hard work, and gratitude remains the same whether classes are taken online or on campus. Oakland City University combines a liberal arts foundation with career-focused studies in order to produce well-rounded graduates. One of the best online colleges in Indiana, Oakland City University has a 64% graduation rate and a 75% retention rate.

Number of Online Programs: 14

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6. Bethel University

Bethel University offers eight undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs and five graduate programs online. They are business administration, Christian leadership, business marketing, behavioral and social science, interdisciplinary studies, organizational management, cyber security, and RN to BSN. Bethel has six start dates every year for its online programs and the programs are designed to allow students to work at their own pace, spending as much time on each class on they need.

As one of the best online Christian colleges in Indiana, Bethel offers a robust Christian education that prepares students for both personal and professional success. The school’s online classes hold to the same standards of excellence as their on-campus counterparts. Students enrolled in the online programs have access to the same skilled faculty and supportive environment. Online students enjoy the opportunity to connect with both their instructors and their peers. In 2017, Washington Monthly ranked Bethel College #7 on their list of schools that provide a great value for the cost.

Number of Online Programs : 13

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7. Trine University

TrineOnline offers 11 online degree programs . There are four majors available, each of which have multiple concentrations to choose from: business administration (accounting or management); leadership and management (applied management, human resources management, healthcare administration, or organizational leadership); engineering and technology (information systems or manufacturing technology); and communication, justice, and psychology (criminal justice, communication, or psychology).

TrineOnline’s online programs are broken into 8-week terms, and students must take at least two courses (six credits) to be considered full-time. Trine has transfer agreements with many other colleges and will consider accepting transfer credits even from schools they do not have a relationship with, making it one of the best online colleges in Indiana for transfer students. TrineOnline graduates receive the same degree and transcript as traditional students. All Trine students, whether online or traditional, receive lifelong access to career assistance through Trine University’s Career Center.

Number of Online Programs : 11

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8. Purdue University Fort Wayne

Purdue University Fort Wayne offers online bachelor’s degrees in seven areas: applied science, business marketing, general studies, sociology, business management, early childhood education, and information systems. Applied science majors can choose from three concentrations: business specialty, interdisciplinary, or supervision and leadership. Three graduate programs round out PUFW’s online offerings.

In addition to the online programs that make it one of the best online colleges in Indiana, Purdue University Fort Wayne is home to some top-notch research labs. Purdue professors are renowned for their research work, and collaborations between students, faculty, and community organizations increase the impact of that work. Purdue’s vision is to be the first choice for Northeast Indiana students, as well as for students from all over the country. 74% of the Purdue University Fort Wayne’s students receive financial aid.

Number of Online Programs : 10

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9. Marian University

Marian University offers online degree programs in business administration, health and human services, and RN to BSN. The school has twelve start dates every year, and online courses are just 5-8 weeks long. The courses are taught by experienced faculty members who help students develop the skills they need to succeed in the real world. Marian University’s online programs combine the knowledge and skills employers want with the flexibility working professionals need.

Marian University is guided by the Catholic faith and values spiritual and moral development as well as intellectual and social development. The school is founded on the Franciscan values of peace and justice, responsible stewardship, reconciliation, and dignity of the individual. As one of the best online colleges in Indiana, Marian University is committed to continuously improving academic quality, increasing enrollment, and providing leadership tools and programs to both students and faculty. The RN to BSN program takes as little as 12 months to complete.

Number of Online Programs : 7

school website

10. Ball State University

Ball State Online offers seven degree programs that can be completed 100% online. They are applied behavior analysis, criminal justice and criminology, general studies, RN to BSN, business administration, early childhood education, and logistics and supply chain management. Ball State is consistently in the top rankings nationwide according to U.S. News & World Report, making it one of the best online colleges not just in Indiana, but in the country. The school’s online MBA and online graduate nursing programs are highly rated.

Ball State Online gives adult students a convenient way to pursue a college degree. The school is military friendly, and online students receive the same benefits as traditional students, including access to faculty and rigorous courses. The difference is in the delivery. Ball State Online allows students to fit their classes around their busy schedules. Ball State Online was the first school in the US to earn Quality Matters Learner Support Program Certification, which is awarded for providing outstanding support services to online learners.

Number of Online Programs : 7

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What Is the Value of Online Colleges in Indiana? 

Why look at online colleges? These days, you’re not limited to on-campus education anymore. Today more than ever students find themselves pressured to balance full or part time work, family, and other commitments with receiving an education . Because of this ever increasing fast-paced lifestyle, students of all ages and from all walks of life are entering online degree programs in order to take control of their scheduling and manage their school workloads with their day-to-day lives. Thankfully, and because of this social shift, distance learning is now considered a viable and respected avenue for obtaining degrees whether students are seeking an associates degree, a certificate program or an undergraduate or graduate degree fully online. In many, if not all, cases, degrees earned online are respected and accredited in the same ways traditionally obtained degrees are revered.

Indiana’s economy is growing and changing to meet current needs and expectations. Indiana’s economy has always been grounded in agriculture and manufacturing. While those businesses aren’t going anywhere, Indiana has seen a major shift toward technology and business in recent years. Indiana’s universities have noticed the change, which is why those majors have expanded. A lot of these colleges focus heavily on preparing students for technology and business careers. When you choose an online college in Indiana, you get an education from people who understand this economic shift firsthand. For those who plan to live and work in Indiana, attending online school here makes a lot of economic sense. 

What Kind of Degrees Can I Earn Online In Indiana? 

Indiana online degrees stretch all across the board. Just like a regular campus program, online programs include every option from an associate’s degree to a doctorate’s degree. As a matter of fact, if you’ve already earned your bachelor’s degree, online learning can provide a great chance to earn an advanced degree. With an advanced degree, you expand your credentials. A master’s degree or higher can open doors for promotions, bonuses, and other job-related opportunities. Indiana online degrees cover the same topics and course materials as their on-campus counterparts, so you’ll never have to worry about getting a watered-down education. Plus, with the flexibility that online colleges provide, you can keep working in your current job as you work on your education. 

How Can I Save Money On an Online Degree in Indiana? 

You have lots of opportunities to save money when you look for online schools in Indiana. While it takes time and research, finding money-saving approaches can make a big difference and reduce a lot of stress. 

First, you can start by looking for public institutions that offer online classes. Public schools are some of the best online schools Indiana has to offer. Of course, in terms of online schools, Indiana has some great private institutions, too. However, public universities often have amazing quality and give you a cost-effective education. Many are also widely-recognized across the US, so they’ll look great on you’re resume if you’re looking to branch out with your career. You’ll likely learn with larger class sizes than your peers who attend private schools, but if class size isn’t a complete deal-breaker for you, you might as well look into public universities.

That said, it’s always worthwhile to compare individual schools instead of making cost assumptions. While public schools are less expensive than private schools on average, one particular private school can be less costly than one particular public school. A lot of factors play into the cost of education, including location and your high school grades. Many schools have cost calculators on their websites. You can use these and other tools to figure out which school is the most cost-effective choice for you. 

Next, look into financial aid opportunities. The state of Indiana has all kinds of grants and scholarships . Individual universities will also offer their own scholarship opportunities. Of course, you can look into federal scholarship opportunities, too. Scholarships range in amount, and you’ll find different scholarships based on your major, financial need, and more. With some research and comparison, you can find the scholarship opportunities that will work best for you. Other financial aid opporunties include student loans, and you can do your research to find the loans with the best rates. Generally, government-funded loans offer better rates than private loans. 

Finally, see if your employer offers a workplace reimbursement program for education. Some workplaces reimburse their employees for earning degrees. They do so because when they invest in their employees, they invest in their companies’ futures. Well-educated employees can make a lot of postive changes within a company, so a lot of employers see education as something they should encourage. Meanwhile, employees can earn their degrees without the added stress that comes from worrying about money. This way, everybody wins. 

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