The value of an education is priceless to some people. From being able to better provide for their families to feel proud of themselves, the benefits of an education are numerous. For those who are unable to attend a traditional school, online colleges in Rhode Island can be a solution. 

Working adults are individuals who can benefit from an online program, whether they’re first-time students or an individual looking to change careers or advance in their current roles. An online program allows these individuals to attend school when they have free time, even if that’s last at night. They don’t have to worry about commuting or having to miss school if they have to work late. 

How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in Rhode Island

For students who need the flexibility of online education, pentaq电竞官网全球 has ranked the schools in the state of Rhode Island that offers the best online programs. Each institution listed meets pentaq电竞官网全球’ basic requirements with a proven return on investment and legitimate accreditation . The final order, though, is simple – schools are ranked by how many online bachelor’s degrees they offer.

1. Bryant University

Bryant University’s online programs were built for working professionals. At Bryant, faculty members understand that educational needs have changed. Not everybody can learn in a traditional campus environment, so they’ve designed their online programs for those who need more flexibility. Students here have reported enjoying their online learning experience. Because these programs were built to fit the challenges of adult learners, Bryant is one of the best online colleges in Rhode Island. 

Bryant University helps students forge their own pathways to success. Every student is different, and every student has different needs. Bryant helps students match their educations to their needs for the best and most effective college experience. This school is dedicated to helping students find success in their future lives and careers. Students here get just enough challenge and opportunity to experience a real difference in their lives. The median starting salary of 2020 Bryant graduates was $60,000. 

Number of Online Programs : 32

2. Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University has some great online programs. It has especially strong programs in healthcare, social sciences, and education. All of these programs combine flexibility with leadership skill-building. Students get lots of support from their peers and their professors. Through these programs, students build their professional lives without interrupting their current schedules. As a result, Roger Williams is one of the best online colleges in Rhode Island. 

Roger Williams was dedicated to social justice. The University that bears his name also fosters a passion for helping others. Students learn the best and most effective ways to serve their communities with their unique talents and academic skill sets. This school is uniquely affordable and dedicated to excellence. Students with vision and passion enjoy their time at Roger Williams University. Recently, RWU earned an award for diversity and inclusion. 

Number of Online Programs : 18

3. Johnson & Wales University

Johnson and Wales University has several online programs. Many of these programs are in the sciences, social studies, and business. Those who want to expand their careers and take advantage of leadership opportunities should look into this school. A lot of online programs here emphasize management and leadership potential. Of course, as online programs, they also offer the flexibility that busy students need. For those looking into science, management, and business, this is one of the best online colleges in Rhode Island. 

JWU was founded by women. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first colleges to hold that honor. As a result, this school is progressive and practical. Students at this school learn how to make the world a better place. This private coed school doesn’t make students put their lives on hold for college. They don’t believe that life starts after graduation. As a matter of fact, they believe that students should take advantage of every opportunity while still in school. That’s why JWU provides lots of opportunities and experiences. Money Magazine ranked JWU as one of the best colleges in 2020. 

Number of Online Programs : 11

What is the Value of Online College in Rhode Island?

Today colleges across the nation are supplementing their traditional campuses with fully accessible distance learning programs that are available completely or partially online. Because of an increase in demand for accessible and flexible higher education opportunities, online schools are more popular than ever before, and more affordable too. Living in a fast-paced world means that students are career-focused too, which means many are already working full or part-time when they enroll in college or managing an internship or other opportunity while being enrolled in school. Attending school online is a respected and accredited avenue for obtaining a college degree. It is additionally a way to fast track a higher education opportunity without sacrificing your academic goals.

Nontraditional students like parents can attend school, even if they thought they wouldn’t be able to until their kids were a bit older. Online colleges in Rhode Island offer flexible schedules, so the person can stay at home and complete his or her education around his or her kids’ schedule. Plus, there’s no need to hire a babysitter since a parent may choose to attend school when his or her kids sleep or are at school. 

Rural students can also benefit from online colleges in Rhode Island. Attending school eliminates the need to travel long distances, sit in traffic, or endure vehicle issues as a result of all the wear and tear from the long commute. Even students who don’t have a vehicle can attend school in this manner. 

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Rhode Island?

When a student is considering whether to earn a degree online or on campus, he or she may be shocked to realize just how many online degrees in Rhode Island are available. For instance, a student may earn an associate’s or bachelor’s. It’s even possible to earn a master’s or doctorate. Some students may want to consider completing a certificate program because these can be earned in a matter of months. They can help a person enter a career or advance in it. 

Besides the degree level, a student may choose to earn a degree in one of the various types of online degrees in Rhode Island. For instance, a student may want to consider earning a criminal justice degree at any level. This degree can prepare a person to enter into a field, such as becoming a probation officer or police officer. It’s also a beneficial undergraduate degree program for those who want to attend law school. 

Other online degrees in Rhode Island that a person may want to consider include nursing, healthcare administration, psychology, business, accounting, and engineering. Some degrees are only available at higher levels. Once a person earns an associate’s in many fields, it’s possible to start specializing. For instance, someone with a bachelor’s degree in nursing may earn a master’s to become a family practice nurse practitioner. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Rhode Island?

While attending school online can minimize some of the hurdles of obtaining a higher education, the fact that school is costly still remains. Even if a person doesn’t have thousands in the bank and only qualifies for some or even no financial assistance, it’s still possible to earn an online degree in Rhode Island.

One option to save money is to attend a public university. Generally, these schools aren’t as pricey as private ones. A student may want to consider attending one of the regional public universities rather than the main campuses. These educational institutions are often a bit cheaper than the main branches. It’s also necessary for an individual to compare the cost of different public universities because they vary in price greatly.

Another option that could help a person save money on an education is to attend a community college rather than a public or private university. These schools don’t always have as many options for degrees, but they do prepare a student for a career path. Sometimes, the school only provides course credits, and a student can’t earn a complete degree from the community college. Therefore, a community college is sometimes only a starting point for a person’s education. For instance, a student may opt to complete just general credits in a community college for cheaper than attending a major college. Then, the student can transfer those credits over to a public or private school.

Another option is to earn an associate’s and/or bachelor’s at a community college. After, the student can further his or her education in a graduate degree program. Overall, this can save a person thousands of dollars. One option for community college is the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). The credits from CCRI online degrees are transferable to other schools. The school offers over 200 online courses each year.

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