Thinking about starting school at one of the many accredited online colleges in Texas? There are many benefits to getting your education and being one of the top online colleges in Texas. While traditional classroom education used to be the only option to earn your degree, online learning makes furthering your education easier than ever. 

Texas online colleges are a popular choice for working adults who want to continue their careers while earning their degrees. Taking classes online gives working adults the chance to complete their classwork on their time. While some online classes do require students to be online during certain times of day, it’s typically taken into account that people who take online classes are at work during normal weekday working hours. 

How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in Texas

The pentaq电竞官网全球 ranking of the best online colleges in Texas looked over higher education institutions in the state of Texas offering fully online bachelor’s degrees. pentaq电竞官网全球 believe in value, and we define value by return on investment . All of the institutions ranked are fully accredited and are presented in order of how many online bachelor’s are offered.

1. Letourneau University

When you are looking into the best online colleges in Texas, you want to consider Letourneau University in Longview. The university offers 26 online degree programs to give students a wide array of options for their studies. It also offers multiple concentrations within different majors to help students gain the specialized skills they need to accomplish their goals.

A key reason to consider Letourneau University in Longview is the wide array of options for student education. Students can take online courses that allow them to focus on their career goals. They can also enhance a degree program with online minors that help improve their skills as it applies to their degree programs. That gives students the opportunity to improve their abilities from the comfort of home. Letourneau University in Longview is a Christian university and it takes a Bible-focused approach to student studies.

Number of Online Programs : 26

2. University of Houston Victoria

The University of Houston at Victoria is one of the best online schools in Texas for students who want to work on a degree at home. The school offers 21 online degree programs, which give students multiple options for their degrees. It also ensures that students who have not yet decided on their final goals for a major have flexibility in relation to the degree programs that may apply to their long-term career goals.

The University of Houston at Victoria offers the Student Pathways system that helps students who are planning to take courses through any University of Houston campus to keep up with their studies. Students are able to easily transfer credits from one university in the system to another if they decide to move to a new location or want to study a program at a different university campus, so it gives students greater flexibility when working on their degree programs. The University of Houston at Victoria offers certificate programs to further enhance and improve student skills when they are working on a degree.

Number of Online Programs : 21

3. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University offers online degree programs that help students accomplish their goals from their home or any location with an Internet connection. The school offers 16 online undergraduate programs and allows students to cater their course materials to fit their personal goals. Students are able to study topics that range from Homeland Security and Business Administration to History and Political Science.

Sam Houston State University stands apart from other programs by offering multiple professional certifications online as well as online degree programs. The online certifications help students gain specialized skills that enhance their abilities and help them work in specific fields or industries. It also gives employers confidence in a student’s ability to take on certain types of roles in their companies. Professional certifications work with an undergraduate degree to help improve a student’s capability. Sam Houston State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

Number of Online Programs : 16

4. University of Houston-Downtown

The University of Houston in Downtown offers 15 online undergraduate programs. It is one of the best online schools in Texas due to the high number of online programs and the flexible scheduling options. Students are able to work at their own pace through the online system and can continue to maintain personal responsibilities, obligations, or a current job while working on a degree. 

The way that the University of Houston-Downtown stands out from other programs is access to student services that help students accomplish their goals. The school allows online students to access on-campus and online services that assist with their goals. Students have the same access to services as on-campus students, so it gives online students the opportunity to work on their personal goals. The University of Houston-Downtown offers a variety of scholarships to help students accomplish their goals and the scholarships apply to online and on-campus programs.

Number of Online Programs : 15

5. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers one of the best online programs for students who want to obtain their undergraduate degree without attending a traditional on-campus program. The school offers 14 online degree programs that range from English to Early Childhood Education. Students can select a degree program that fits their personal goals. It gives students a variety of options that work around personal schedules and provide a flexible solution to help with career objectives.

Texas Tech University in Lubbock differs from other programs by allowing students to transfer credits into an online program and finish up a degree they have started at a previous time. While the school may not offer every program that students have started, many credits may apply into the program that help students finish up a bachelor’s degree that is similar to their previous studies or allows them to make a change to previous plans to fit a new situation. Texas Tech University in Lubbock offers assistance to military veterans and active-duty members of the military who may need a flexible schedule for their studies to get started in an online degree program.

Number of Online Programs : 14

6. West Texas A&M University

West Texas A&M University offers 14 online undergraduate degree programs that allow students to work at their own pace. The flexible online degrees allow students to work from any location and to fit in their studies when it fits their schedules. The school allows students to study topics that range from criminal justice and Computer Information Systems to Economics and Finance. Students are able to find a degree program that fits their personal interests and goals due to the number of programs available through the online system.

The way that West Texas A&M University stands out from other programs is the flexibility. Students have an option to choose from fully online courses, blended or hybrid online courses, and 100 percent online courses. In most cases, students are not required to spend much or any time on campus while working on their degrees. It gives students a flexible solution to help with personal goals and work around obligations when they are facing challenges with their plans. West Texas A&M University complies with the standards for NC-SARA and does offer degree programs that can be used in different states.

Number of Online Programs : 14

7. Lamar University

Lamar University is one of the best schools for online degree programs in Texas. The school offers 13 online degree programs at the undergraduate level. That allows students to choose from topics that range from Electrical Engineering and Nursing to Communication and criminal justice . The opportunity to choose from multiple online degree programs ensures that students are able to focus on their personal goals.

Lamar University stands apart by offering accelerated and traditional online classes. Students can take the accelerated 8-week courses or the traditional 16-week courses to follow a plan that fits their personal abilities and preferences for the pace of the material. By taking accelerated courses, students are able to focus on accomplishing their goals at a fast pace. Lamar University accepts credits into online programs from the dual credits program students take in high school, so students are able to transfer credits into the program after graduating high school with dual credits. 

Number of Online Programs : 13

8. Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University offers 10 online undergraduate programs that help students focus on their career goals. Students are able to choose from topics that include Psychology and Management as well as Biblical Studies. The ability to choose from multiple majors ensures that students are able to focus on their career objectives and have a few options to assist with their goals. The online programs do not require students to visit the campus and are fully online programs.

Houston Baptist University focuses on teaching students to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world situations. It prepares students for the challenges they may face when working in their careers. It also recognizes that students may need to learn proper communication and humility when starting out in a career, so it gives students a strong foundation to fully understand the potential concerns that may arise when they start working. Houston Baptist University has a Christian-focused education program, so students can expect references to Biblical texts.

Number of Online Programs : 10

9. Amberton University

Amberton University offers one of the best online degree programs in Texas. It has nine online degree programs at the undergraduate level that help students prepare for a career in a preferred field or industry. The degree programs range from Professional Development and Accounting to Applied Science and General Business. Students are able to focus on a career that fits their personal skills and goals.

A key way Amberton University stands apart is the focus on flexibility for working adults. It is designed around the needs of individuals who have obligations to an employer or family members, so it works around potential concerns by giving students access to information when it fits their situation and needs. It does not require students to give up on their personal time with family or to take risks when it comes to their careers. Amberton University offers multiple starting dates for online courses, so students can start working on their degree programs when it fits their schedules.

Number of Online Programs : 9

10. Tarleton State University

One of the best online colleges in Texas, Tarleton State University offers nine fully online bachelor’s programs in some of the most in-demand fields. Online bachelor’s include a Bachelor of Business Administration, Psychology, Applied Science, Information Technology, and more. For local and regional students, Tarleton also offers an information session on Fridays to inform prospective students about transfer requirements, available programs, and more.

With its roots in an agricultural college, Tarleton State University has always been oriented toward the educational needs of working people. That is especially true of the university’s online degree programs. Tarleton’s programs emphasize practical sciences and professions, and TSU has been frequently recognized as a best value.

Number of Online Programs : 9

What is the Value of Online College in Texas?

Today more than ever students are turning to online learning during their college experience whether it is for a degree completion program, to obtain a transfer degree like an associate, complete certification such as Nursing or Business certifications or to fully complete their degree online. Thankfully distance learning is now considered a viable and respected avenue for obtaining degrees from associates to doctorates, and major colleges and universities across the nation are offering degree programs fully or partially online to accommodate our ever-changing society.

Nontraditional students, or people who have not graduated high school in the previous year or two, also benefit from taking classes from accredited online colleges in Texas. Many nontraditional students need to attend to families or have other responsibilities that make it hard for them to attend class in a traditional setting. Getting their degree at one of the top online colleges in Texas allows them to stay competitive in the workplace while also staying on top of their other responsibilities. 

Many people in Texas live in rural areas, and it can be time-consuming and expensive to travel back and forth to a college campus every day. Texas online colleges remove the burden of travel by allowing students to complete their work anywhere they have access to a computer. In the past, it was impossible to get a degree if you didn’t live near a college, but now, anything is possible with online education.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Texas?

If you’re earning your degree with one of the many online degree programs in Texas, you may be curious about just how far you can take your education with Texas online degree programs. Just like at traditional colleges and universities, every type of degree can be earned online. Let’s take a look at the typical requirements for different types of common degrees. 

Some people get started with an associate’s, or two-year, degree. These degrees can be earned through online degree programs in Texas either at a traditional four-year institution or at a community college. Other people get started with one of the many online bachelor’s degree programs in Texas. A bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete. If you get started with your associate’s degree at a community college, you’ll eventually transfer those credits to a four-year university if you’re interested in going through one of the online bachelor’s degree programs in Texas.

After you’ve finished your bachelor’s degree, you’ll be able to enter the world of graduate Texas online degree programs. The first degree at the graduate level is the master’s degree. There are many online master’s degree programs in Texas that can provide you with the education you need to take your subject knowledge to the next level. Online master’s degree programs in Texas may be completed totally online, or you can choose to do some of your work in a traditional classroom. 

You can also earn a doctorate degree online. These can take between three and eight years to complete. No matter what degree you choose, you’ll find the best online degree programs in Texas will open a new world for you when it comes to advancing in your career. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Texas?

If you’re searching for the cheapest online colleges in Texas, it’s likely that cost is holding you back from furthering your education. The good news: there are many online colleges in Texas that accept financial aid, and there are ways to lower the overall cost of your tuition. When you’re considering returning to school, you’ll want to fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid . This will give your financial data to schools. When you’re working with online colleges in Texas that accept financial aid, it’s important that they have all of your financial information so that they can provide you with the largest award package possible. You’ll also want to check out low-cost public universities and talk with your employer to see if they offer tuition reimbursement.

Are There Online Community Colleges in Texas? 

Online community colleges in Texas are a great way to start your education at a low cost. Texas online community colleges provide low-cost public education to students to help them further their subject knowledge. You may choose to earn your associate’s degree at online community colleges in Texas before transferring your credits to a four-year institution. The best online community colleges in Texas can help you move forward in your career by giving you the low-cost, high-quality education you need.

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