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Once a professional earns a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA), he or she can secure positions in both the private and public sector . Those interested in public service will find MPA jobs in a variety of local, state, and federal government offices. Public administration job examples include government administrators with job titles such as council members, municipal managers, and finance managers. Within a public administration job description, duties listed will likely include regulating the use of funds for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

What are Some Common Public Administration Jobs?

Public administrator officials in a government job can be part of any type of public works department and assist with troubleshooting any problems that arise. MPA jobs typically involve supervisor roles with the expectation that the candidate will oversee daily operations and manage all departmental employees. Additional public administration job examples are governmental support staff team members. Researchers, policy experts, and consultants are also popular public administration job titles. These types of professionals are hired to review agencies and determine both the positives and the negatives of current public policies.

Non-profit organizations also seek to fill public administration jobs. Non-profit managers will help with the development, review, and termination of programs sponsored by the organization. Public administration careers within non-profits include fundraising specialist, foundation manager, and budget director.

What are Some Non-Traditional Public Administration Careers?

Master of Public Administration jobs are not only in the public sector: there are lots of opportunities for professionals in the private sector. Public administration careers and salaries are competitive for private organizations and won’t rely on taxes for funding. For example, CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies may have a prior background in public administration, which benefits the company in dealing with, for instance, the IRS or SEC. The CEO is considered the top at the chain of command and will be responsible for overseeing the development and integration of all internal business policies and practices.

Medical center manager is another public administration job example. A medical center manager will oversee hiring, firing, budgets, and the assurance of high quality service to all patients.

Public administration job titles also include human resource manager and administrative services manager. These MPA jobs focus on making sure the business runs smoothly behind the scenes. Human resource managers oversee recruitment and payroll while administrative service managers manage the supplies required for operations and assist with policy development.

What is the Difference Between Public Administration Jobs and Healthcare Administration Jobs?

Two common types of master degrees sought by graduate students are a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. Although the degrees can both prepare students for public administration careers, the graduate programs do have several key differences. Public administration degrees are preferable to students who have not yet decided what industry they wish to work in. A public administration degree allows professionals to apply for MPA jobs in any type of public service organization.

While Master of Public Administration jobs can include positions within healthcare settings, a Master of Healthcare Administration degree prepares students solely for a career in the medical field. Within the curriculum, students are taught specifically about policies and business practices that apply to healthcare facilities. Both degree programs will teach about finance, human resources, and ethics, but MHA classes will also delve into medical policies.

Although an MHA degree will assist with job placement in the medical field, an MPA degree is preferred for those who wish to have the background to work in a variety of sectors. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for public administration jobs for the next decade is 16% while job growth for healthcare administration jobs is 8%.

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