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Since the turn of the 21st century, the United States government has pushed to integrate various functionalities of Information Technology across the healthcare sector. Subsequently, there has been an increase in demand for IT-savvy personnel who have the aptitude to bridge the gap between clinical functionalities such as record keeping and IT.

Therefore, a health informatics degree guarantees a well-paying job. Here are some of the primary informatics jobs that are currently on high demand across hospitals in America:

The Informatics Nurse Position

As an informatics nurse , you are mandated to assess a healthcare facility and determine what is required to best increase service delivery to patients when using computerized systems. This would then mean that as an Informatics Nurse you would be required to train staff members on how to use computerized gadgets in performing their tasks, make certain that all responsible parties are provided with the latest technology, and ensure that all computerized systems are well maintained.

As presented, according to the crowd-sourced career data website PayScale, the health informatics  salary of an informatics nurse with a bachelor’s degree is an average of $66,552 per year . On the other hand, the health informatics salary of an informatics nurse with a master’s degree or specialization advanced degrees has an income varying from up to $89,022 annually.  Informatics nurses holding only a bachelor’s degree in Houston, Texas fair particularly well with an average pay of $74,000 per year.

The Health Informatics Specialist

As a Health informatics specialist, you are mandated with the responsibility of implementing technology in a healthcare setting considering you will work more closely with both physicians and patients. Additionally, health Informatics Specialists are also expected to train staff in using the technology that has been provided to them thus creating educationally-based documentation for all computerized systems as well as procedures.

As presented by PayScale, the health information management salary of a Health Informatics Specialist with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field earn up to an average of $61,050 per year. On the other hand, Specialists with a master’s degree in the same field earn as high as $91,618 per year. The health information management salary of the highest paid Health Informatics Specialist with an average earnings of about $84,000 per year are found in the city of Chicago.

The Clinical Analyst

As a Clinical analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing data that aid in the smooth flow of work schedules as well as the entire clinical information systems in particular communication. Additionally, Clinical Analysts are expected to create a database hosting all the information presented to them by their colleagues. This helps to develop an IT profile for the health facility that strikes a balance between regulatory standard and productivity.

PayScale indicates that Clinical Analysts with bachelor’s degree in social science or life science earn an average of $63,823 per year. On the other hand, Clinical Analyst with a Master’s degree in the aforementioned fields earns up to $88,186 per year. The highest paid Clinical Analyst who earns up to $85,000 are found in New York City.

The Clinical Informatics Manager

As a clinical informatics manager, you are mandated to oversee all day-to-day operations of health facility’s information systems. This includes training and directing staff, developing budgets, as well as keeping all functions within professional regulatory standards.

On Average, a clinical informatics manager earns up to $92,819 per year on average as presented by PayScale. On the other hand, clinical informatics managers with additional qualification in, project management or clinical information systems skills earn as high as $127,876 per year!

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