When you are ready to finally earn your RN to BSN degree , many returning nursing students are learning that earning their online RN to BSN degree is the way to go. While not wanting to completely abandon their current nursing careers, many of these students are rather interested in furthering their work. By attending school online they are able to manage to hold onto a job while earning their degree in a flexible manner. pentaq电竞官网全球 has compiled the top 5 advantages for earning your online RN to BSN degree.

1. Flexibility:

Getting a bachelor’s degree is no easy task. However, by earning your degree online you’ll have the chance to maintain a career while going to school. Online learning makes it possible for students to pursue their degrees in ways that work with their busy work schedules, not against them. Most, if not all, online degree programs are specifically set up for the working adult, meaning they are student-led, accessible and flexible, easy to navigate, and affordable. It may take some effort to find your sweet spot, but before you know it you’ll be balancing the work college lifestyle and succeeding!

2. Tuition Reimbursement:

Many employers in the nursing field are interested in furthering the careers of those individuals they already have employed. It may be hard to believe that an employer will pay your tuition in part or in full, but oftentimes the benefits of doing so – not having to retrain an employee, getting a contract, familiarity with staff – outweigh the costs. Many employers offer Career Ladder Programs so be sure to check out if your employer offers these benefits before taking the job or before choosing a program online.

3. Marketability:

By earning your online RN to BSN degree you immediately become more marketable. Not only will your resume look better, but you’ll be better at your job gaining invaluable professional skills that you couldn’t get without earning your bachelor’s degree. Did you know that a recent study by the Institute of Medicine states that 80% of Registered Nurses are to receive a Bachelor of Science by the end of the decade. . This means you’ll want to earn your BSN to stay competitive in your field.

4. Career Options:

By earning your BSN degree many doors will open taking you out of the hospital setting. Even though many nurses choose this career path to have one-on-one direct patient interaction, others seek to find a change or a different career path. Careers such as teaching, informatics, policy, and case management suddenly become real possibilities for individuals who are BSN educated. Even if you enjoy patient care now, you may be interested in teaching or administration later, and earning your online RN to BSN degree makes this possible.

5. Employee Benefits:

Nurses who have their BSN tend to have access to better rewards such as vacation time and healthcare than those individuals who just have their RN degrees. They also earn more money. According to research at, in 2014 the pay difference between nurses with and without a BSN  was nearly $30,000. If nothing else, the salary increase is enough to encourage students to obtain their online RN to BSN degrees sooner rather than later.

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