It is no surprise that this question would solicit a complex and long-winded answer. A bachelor’s in psychology online and traditional is one of the most popular degree majors in colleges and universities today. To be exact, it is the fourth most popular major of study . There are many places one can take this undergraduate degree if that is as far as you want to go with your studies. For now anyway. Just remember, the door is always open to going back to school later if you so choose. In fact, it’s often better to get some life and work experience under your belt prior to setting out to achieve an advanced degree. This way you will have a better sense of what you want to do and where you want to focus your attention. This includes any specializations you may want to pick up along the way. 

About 25 percent of graduates from a bachelor’s program in psychology attend a graduate school program and advance their career opportunities. Those who go straight into a career path are called workforce graduates. Many students who have a bachelor’s degree in psychology choose a related field for their masters, but something a little different, such as counseling

It is an understatement to say there are many careers in psychology. Not to mention, a bachelor’s degree, in general, is kind of a carte blanche to a myriad of entry-level positions that may or may not be exclusively relevant to the actual major itself. It might feel overwhelming to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and not know exactly where to turn for the first opportunity. 

Bachelors in Psychology Entry Level Jobs

If you are hoping to be a workforce graduate, it is a great idea to be thinking about the setting where you might want to work upon graduation. Do you want to work with elders in a nursing home environment? Maybe you want to be an activities director? Asking yourself some questions about the population with which you like to engage and a setting where you would enjoy spending your days is a great first step. When thinking about bachelor in psychology entry-level jobs, it’s good to look at nonprofit organizations and professions that work with social services. There are many ways to plug into adult education, youth after-school programs, the field of human resources at a million different types of companies and organizations, as well as group facilitation. There are many opportunities to be in counseling roles without a master’s degree, including working with veterans in many different contexts. It is also worth looking into specific master’s degree programs in counseling if that is a path you are considering.

With some additional professional development, workforce graduates in psychology can work in substance abuse facilities as counselors. There are also many bachelors in psychology jobs in hospitals that you may look into if you are interested in working in a medical setting. This can include HR, patient advocacy, activity directors, meeting facilitators, marketing offices, grant writers, and even case managers, among many other options. 

There is a whole other side to psychology that is also worth considering, which is the field of marketing and advertising. There are many bachelors in psychology entry-level jobs that include getting into the minds of consumers. Maybe you want to work for an advertising agency? This definitely falls under the category of alternative careers for psychology majors. In many instances students who major in psychology minor in something different like marketing that can lead them on a path such as this one. 

Is Psychology a Good Career Choice?

This is obviously a personal question, but the proof is in the pudding. A bachelor’s degree in psychology opens so many doors that you may have never considered. If nothing else, it is an excellent foundation that will enable you to understand people and the way humans operate. This can be applied to just about any profession. There are also many careers in corrections that are interested in hiring people with bachelor’s degrees in psychology. This includes probation and parole specialists, polygraph specialists, and case managers specific to the field of criminal justice/ corrections. 

If you are considering going back to school to become a psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist, you might want to consider becoming a psychiatric technician or even a social services manager in order to understand more fully what your options are. 

Thinking about career paths in advance might help you understand the types of psychology degrees that are in service to your goals. For example, there are many specializations to choose from, which can include a clinical track, and even something related to marketing.


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