There are many reasons to choose a homeland security degree online . Many people find this career pathway as adult learners looking to better themselves and make an impact on the world. All of these particular degree programs are transfer-friendly, which makes it easy for students who have some college under their belts or an associate’s degree to matriculate into this four-year option. In order to do this, however, many adult learners require a great deal of flexibility in order to add school to the myriad of other life commitments they may have. An online homeland security degree generally takes into account that many learners need to have options for when they log in, how they complete their coursework, including how many classes they are required to take at a time. Some students want an accelerated option that lets them finish quickly, but others need to take their time and move through the program in between dropping their kids off to school and showing up each day to full-time jobs. You will see that within the programs we have listed, there is something for everyone and every life circumstance. 

What Can I Do with a Homeland Security Degree?

There are so many homeland security jobs out there, and they are constantly growing. Graduates of homeland security degree programs often go into fields such as border patrol, airport security, FBI, Immigration, among many other options. Homeland Security job requirements are often as simple as achieving a degree like the ones listed above and as much work experience as possible. Emergency management is another parallel field with many intersections . Many of the degree programs offer hands-on work experience opportunities. Entry-level homeland security jobs anticipate that they will be training people fresh out of school and are invested in building a strong and resilient workforce. While there is not one homeland security job description, all of the careers within that umbrella require employees to be excellent first responders when it comes to disasters, which can include terrorism. 

Is Homeland Security a Good Career? 

When looking at homeland security careers there are only projections of growth, especially as the world continues to take unpredictable turns. We are always going to need people with strong leadership skills who value ethics and communication as a way to keep this country safe. If you are wondering: is a homeland security degree worth it? The answer has to be yes. Most of the Homeland Security programs are affordable and flexible , so the investment will definitely pay itself back in a stable career that earns in the $60,000-$70,000 range. There are certainly lots of paths to take to make the world a better place, though not all of them have the promise of longevity and a solid paycheck with benefits. The promise in the field of Homeland Security is there, and there is always room to move up the ladder. In fact, a master’s degree or even a doctorate in the field are definitely options down the line.


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