Graphic design is an exciting field that mixes creativity, artistic talent, marketing ability, and communication. If you have a passion for any of these things, then a graphic designing career would make for a great fit . Advertising is a very popular, lucrative field. Advertising graphic design helps build brand awareness in a visually appealing way. An eye-catching logo, an intriguing symbol, and a beautifully presented advertisement are the things that signal high professionalism to the audience. Graphic design in marketing can create a helpful infographic about a product or service, or it could use imagery that depicts the product or service in the most enticing way possible.

Graphic Design Major Jobs

This is a broad range of graphic design major jobs, including advertising graphic design, product packaging , motion graphics, environmental graphics, infographics, publication graphics, branding graphics, book design, logo creation, web design, print production, email design, interface design , typography, and desktop publishing. It is common for a designer to be well versed in several of these areas in order to better serve clientele’s needs. In fact, a strong graphic design degree program will focus especially on adaptable and transferable skills like user design , so that a graphic designer can take knowledge from one area and apply it to another.

Graphic design in marketing experience and expertise can land you a job as a designer, art director, creative director, editor, drafter, marketing specialist, animator, or multimedia artist. All of these jobs are tangentially related to graphic design in some way. In the internet era, graphic design in marketing is increasingly turning digital, and a digital graphic designer job description has become the standard – if you can’t work in digital, you can’t work in graphic design in marketing . A digital graphic designer’s salary reflects how central digital skills are to modern graphic design.

Graphic Design Job Description and Salary

Speaking of your career, where do graphic designers work? Well, thanks to those well-rounded graphic design degree courses, graphic designers fit into a lot of workspaces. There are a few ways graphic designers might work:.

Advertising Firms: Business becomes more specialized all of the time, and advertising is no different. While many large corporations may have their own marketing departments, many others depend on hiring outside advertising firms. Much graphic design in marketing is done by businesses that do nothing but advertise graphic design, so you are surrounded by other graphic designers and marketers working in a team.

In-House Graphic Designers: Some companies are big enough that they need their own marketing department. An in-house graphic designer job description is just like what someone in a firm might do, but instead of working for the advertising firm, you work for a bank, a tech company, a manufacturer (with packaging design , for instance) or some other corporation creating their graphics. For a full in-house graphic designer job description, look at current listings.

Freelance Graphic Designers: Work from home, a co-working space, a coffee shop, or anywhere else – you’re a lone ranger. Many graphic designers work on a freelance basis, making bids on jobs, cultivating a client list, and doing good work in hopes of getting referrals and more work.

An established graphic designer can earn anywhere from $39,000 to $49,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median annual wage was $48,700 as of 2017. Those who work in advertising and public relations tend to earn the most at $49,530. Digital graphic designer salary may be higher, but it’s leveling out as digital skills become standard. Salary will also largely depend on workload and the period of time that designers can complete a project, especially for freelancers – when you’re a lone free ranger, time is money.

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