Master’s in Management (MIM) degrees are similar to the better-known MBA . They both require a graduate to have Leadership, Organizational, and Business-related skills. However, for Master in Management degrees, students do not need years of job experience to get started , or a bachelor’s degree in business. An online Master’s in Management and Leadership program provides the basic fundamental business knowledge that students need to graduate. MIM degrees are popular in Europe, since that is where they originated, but as managerial skills become more important across occupational fields, it’s become more common in the US.

Unlike the MBA, which is intended for corporate and finance careers like banking , the Master’s in Management can be applied to any occupation where managerial skills are needed. No matter what their field, working professionals can use the MIM to move into managerial and administrative roles.

Career Upgrade with an Online Master’s in Management

A graduate who earns an online Master’s in Management degree can use their new credentials to take on leadership roles in whatever occupational field they’re in. For example, a professional in the healthcare sector may take on a new career direction like a Rehabilitation Services Manager or Administrator. Rehabilitation Services professionals work to council individuals to become independent and employable, and managers help keep rehabilitation centers in business.

Professionals in Social Work may have begun their careers to provide client services, however, with an online Master’s in Management and Leadership degree they could prepare for higher-level roles like a Social Services Manager or Coordinator. A graduate program can also provide valuable social work networking opportunities, opening up the job market considerably. Many social services organizations provide a reference or blog page associated with their clinic to help clients find help online – another role for a Social Services Manager or Coordinator.

Educators can benefit from an online Master’s in Management and Leadership degree by moving into positions like a Research Project Manager. The job of leading major research initiatives is challenging and demanding, and the leadership skills learned in an online Master’s in Management can make all the difference in taking on that challenge.

Salary Outlook in a Variety of Master’s in Management Positions

There are a few other types of jobs that MIM degree graduates can apply their knowledge to. Below is a short list and salary outlook of job prospects with an MIM degree.

Clinical Research Manager salary: An average median pay for a graduate with an MIM degree is around $77,403, according to A manager is responsible for all clinical studies in the department and provide quality assurance, compliancy, and budgeting for the department that they work in. The Clinical research manager salary has also grown over the past decade. As part of the nursing field, some positions have reached close to $98,000 annually.

Rehabilitation Services Manager salary: An average median pay for a director is $97,114. A Rehabilitation services salary will oversee operations, review patient care, and implement programs for either OT, PT, or speech therapy.

Research Project Manager salaries: There is no salary listing on the BLS for Research Project managers. However, on, the average median pay for a graduate with a master in management degree is $71,905. Research Project manager salaries can be very lucrative, if employed by top corporations or businesses. Directors may receive a salary of $137,720, with a background in engineering along with the MIM degree.

A Social Service Manager salary: An average median salary for entry-level graduates is $35,846; however, some high-top positions may offer employees as much as $67,942 annually. A Social service manager salary depends on the employers. The jobs are primarily found in Public health(PH), so it depends on where the paycheck is coming from.

A Social Media Manage r job description and salary: The average pay rate is $43,295. The job requires managers to organize a company’s social networking sites. These accounts connect professionals with  companies to help fill job positions as well as connect the public with a company’s mission and goals.

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