College students today are paying many times more than they did just 40 years ago. Even still, the latest research indicates that college graduates make an average of $17,000 more than non-college graduates, and even more so for those seeking entry-level jobs in digital marketing jobs. Many new students are looking for practical degrees that will land them lucrative entry-level digital marketing jobs that offer security, and online digital marketing is one such career path. The question is, is it worth it to you?

Is a Certificate for Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs Worth It?

According to career market analysts, those with digital marketing entry-level jobs who have a degree in the field make an average salary of around $55,000. Whether or not digital marketing certificate jobs are worth your while depends on your talent as a potential marketing professional and your dedication to developing the marketing campaigns of your employers.

Digital marketing campaign developers need an in-depth understanding of online culture, the art and science of customer demographic psychology, history, and the current landscape of digital marketing. Not only do you have to know how to promote a brand and make measurable success, but you also have to be able to do the same for yourself. Many employers expect their marketing professionals to “sell” themselves in order to get the job.

Whether or not you are expected to do a traditional sit-down interview, your actual interview for most digital marketing entry-level jobs might take the form of an elevator speech. It’s not unlike any competitive job market in that way. But if you want to impress, and land a great job, you have to be able to talk the talk, as well as walk the walk. In today’s competitive online advertising sphere, that means being a thought leader.

So, if you have a passion for digital marketing entry-level jobs, and are willing to spend your personal time mastering its nuances, chances are good that it will be well worth it to you.

How Much Money is Too Much for a Degree for Entry Level Jobs in Digital Marketing?

Today, many employers are beginning to look for the ability to produce more than for the prestige of an illustrious institution. That isn’t to say your prospective employer would not like you to have a high-quality school on your resume, but they are more concerned about whether or not you can get results. This is especially true in the field of sales, which is at the heart of marketing. If you can expect to earn a minimum of $50,000 a year on average over the course of your career, then you can develop a budget for your education. With the cost of the average online marketing degree coming in between an average of $1500 to $2500 per year, you can expect to pay no more than $20,000 total for your degree.

That may sound like a large amount, but it’s quite affordable compared to many other high-paying career paths. Even with a high-interest loan, you should be able to get out from under any debt you might incur within five years of being hired. In today’s climate, that’s a bargain. However, once again, your ability to perform will be the most important determining factor. You just have to ask yourself whether or not the competitive and ever-changing world of online marketing is for you.

Will My Investment Pay Off?

In life, there are few guarantees, but there are worthwhile endeavors. The field of digital online marketing is growing fast, and for those who have the talent and the dedication, there is plenty of room for growth and positions of leadership to be had for those who successfully obtain an entry-level digital marketing job. We have already seen that the pay versus the cost is stacked in your favor . The question is, will you be willing to put in the time and the effort to prove yourself to prospective employers?

The fact is that the field of online digital marketing is highly competitive and stands on the shifting landscape of the digital marketing space. The primary question you should ask yourself is, will you be willing to compete in a field where the competition is fierce, where the technology, the tools of the trade, and where the prevailing wisdom is always in a state of transformation? If your answer to that question is “yes,” and if you’re right, then you should have what it takes to make your investment in an online digital marketing degree well worth your time and money.

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