A lot of companies are moving their services online. This has created a high demand for people who know how to operate in the digital space. 

Marketing is also a key part of business success. Without proper marketing, even the greatest company will ultimately go out of business. Thus, the marketing industry is a space that is always looking for new talent.

Digital marketing degree jobs are perfect for anyone looking to integrate marketing and technology. Digital marketers are generally good at both creative and analytical thinking. They know their way around social media and the internet and thus can produce wide-reaching marketing content.

Jobs with a digital marketing degree aren’t always clearly stated. There are hundreds of digital marketing degree jobs advertised every day. However, such positions are usually stated under different job titles, with often vastly different salary potential . So what can you do with a digital marketing degree? 

Here are some jobs you can get with a digital marketing degree:

1. Email Marketing Specialist 

Email marketing is a simple yet well-paying job. An email marketing job typically requires copywriting, editing skills, and content development skills. Email marketers are in charge of most of the advertisements that are sent via email. An email marketer, therefore, needs to be creative to grab the receiver’s attention in a myriad of other emails. 

2. Digital Media Analyst 

A company can pump millions of dollars into getting the best marketing content. However, they need to know what marketing methods and ideas are working and which ones aren’t. This is the work of a digital media analyst. They’re the people who monitor how internet users interact with the company’s content. Digital media analysts also fine-tune any marketing content being released. Thus, they must have exemplary creative skills to advise on the right things to put out.

3. SEO Specialist 

Any company or business that offers its services online needs an SEO specialist. An SEO specialist is one who is well versed in optimizing a company’s website. Thus, they ensure the company’s constant ranks high up in search results. 

Internet users trust that search engines produce the best possible results for a particular search. In a sea of over a million articles, an SEO expert creates content that is highly informative and relevant to user needs.

4. Content Marketing Expert

Producing good content is the first step in getting internet users to interact with a company’s online services and products. A company’s visibility on the web is highly dependent on the type of content they produce. A lot of people search for answers on the internet nowadays. A content marketing expert ensures the company’s content is what answers the user’s questions. Good content marketing requires that one produces content that keeps users engaged enough to pay for services or products. Content marketing also involves assessing how well marketing strategies are working.

5. Social Media Strategist

Social media marketing is all about getting the users where they spend their time most. This is why many companies, even the most ‘professional’ ones, have set up social media marketing accounts. The people behind the well-edited Instagram photos and fun tweets are social media strategists. 

They know what each social media platform is like and thus can produce content that users can relate to. Social media strategists also follow social media trends and cleverly capitalize on them.

6. User Experience Designer 

The first step in establishing an internet presence is creating a website and digital application. User experience (UX)designers are the people who come up with these applications and websites. They may have a background in IT or computer science. However, people in digital marketing can still double as UX designers. UX design is one of the jobs with a master’s in digital marketing. 

UX designers are, however, more focused on creating websites that maximize marketing. Thus, they need knowledge about the users they’re targeting and creativity. 

User experience designers also test the usability of applications and websites to fit the company’s marketing goals.

There are numerous digital marketing degree jobs out there. There are even more masters in digital marketing jobs available. Digital marketing is a highly lucrative field, especially in this technological age. Without the proper knowledge of alternatives, you’ll constantly ask yourself, “What can I do with a digital marketing degree?” Or “What can I do with a master’s in digital marketing ?” Masters in digital marketing jobs are out there and so are digital marketing degree jobs. You just need to know what to look for.

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