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Professionals in digital marketing are in high demand . More and more companies today move away from print advertisements and prefer digital media, such as social media, mobile apps and ads, and digital analytics.

Who Are Digital Marketing Specialists?

Digital marketing professionals work to launch effective online marketing strategies and translate the business goals of companies into successful marketing campaigns. They know how to evaluate the needs of the consumer market and how and where to gain knowledge about consumer demands and trends. Specialists in digital marketing are responsible for developing the strategy that companies use for marketing their products online. Here is the list of skills needed to be a successful digital marketing specialist:

  • Excellent creative and presentation skills
  • Knowing the basics of marketing
  • Know how to plan, develop, and implement a marketing strategy
  • Know the current marketing trends and news
  • Knowledge of the marketing areas, including SEO optimization, email marketing, content marketing, social media, etc.)
  • Ability to develop a social presence

Many people consider becoming a specialist in this industry because of a high digital marketing salary. Here is what you need to know about digital marketing salaries, including digital marketing manager salary:

Salary For Digital Marketing: What Is Important To Know?

The salary for digital marketing specialists in 2020 is between $40K and $97K per year. 

Here is the overview of digital marketers salary per job title:

  • Junior digital marketer salary with no experience – $40k per year
  • Salary for digital marketing specialists (from 5 to 9 years of experience) – $55K per year
  • Digital marketing manager salary (10+ years of professional experience) – $97K per year
  • Digital marketing salary of freelancers –  the hourly rate is between $50 and $200 

It is important to understand that not all digital marketing positions are equal. Digital marketers with a wide range of skills and rich professional experience work in manager positions, and therefore their salary in digital marketing is higher.

What Is The Difference In Digital Marketing Salary For Specialists With A Bachelors vs. Masters?

A digital marketer salary also depends on the level of education. For example, salaries in digital marketing for specialists with a Master’s degree are higher than for professionals with a Bachelor’s degree. In 2020, a Masters in digital marketing salary in this field is approximately $70K.  A starting digital marketing degree salary for specialists with a Bachelor’s degree is $49K. Therefore the individuals who want to have more job opportunities and keep growing as professionals are recommended to pursue MA in Digital Marketing or MSc in Digital Marketing, or go even further and obtain MBA in digital marketing. There are many opportunities for digital marketers with a certificate as well, but less pay.

What Is A Digital Marketing Manager Salary?

There are many different positions in digital marketing, and one of the most desirable ones is a digital marketing manager. It is a professional with at least 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field, who is responsible for the growth of the company’s online presence through different online channels – both paid and free. They also strategize, supervise, and perform all kinds of promotions by utilizing different types of digital technologies. Digital marketing managers can work in-house, as freelancers or marketing consultants.

A digital marketer’s salary is relatively higher than the salaries of other specialists in this industry. Currently, the average digital marketer salary in the United States is over $96K per year (which is over $45 per hour) with a range between $83K – $119K. However, digital marketing manager salaries also depend on a variety of factors, including years of experience, education level, company, and location. The highest digital marketing manager salaries are in technology and health care companies. Digital marketing managers also have pretty good digital marketing salaries in such industries as telecommunication, retail, and media. The lowest average salary for digital marketing jobs by industry is in education. 

In terms of location, the highest digital marketing salaries are in three states – New Jersey, California, and New York. That is where the majority of the biggest digital marketing companies are located. The cities with the best digital marketing salaries for marketing managers are San Francisco CA, Hoboken NJ, and New York City. 

What Are Other Sources for A High Salary in Digital Marketing?

Even though a digital marketing degree salary is attractive, it is not the only way for marketers to earn their income and enjoy their high salaries in digital marketing. Selling services and products also require digital marketing experience and skills. Marketers who decide to make money by selling are not limited by a prevailing digital marketer salary because their salary in digital marketing depends on the efforts they put out and the effectiveness of the strategies they use. It’s one of the best jobs for the future .

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