what can you do with an interior design degree

Interior design career opportunities are in incredibly high demand. The market for this work is increasing for a lot of reasons; businesses, restaurants, and offices may change their look to bring in new clients or prospects; individuals and families hire designers to help them come up with new ideas in old spaces, to flip an existing space to sell, or to help create their new dream home. A big part of an interior design job description includes understanding color theory, keeping track of upcoming design trends, and working with several textiles and fabrics, along with others.

Is Interior Design a Good Career?

Is interior design a good career? That depends; do you love arranging stuff, creating looks, and making client’s dreams come true? The interior design job description is a broad one; some work strictly in a residential setting, while others work for restaurants or commercial-based clients like hotels and retail stores. Once an Interior Designer receives his or her certification from CIDA and online interior design degree , the next step is finding the perfect interior design careers that fit their specialization. While not exactly required to do the work, many hiring clients see the degree as well as a CIDA certification as the basic interior designer qualifications. The top four career paths for an interior designer are furniture designer, exhibition designer, kitchen designer, and lighting designer.

What Can I Do with an Interior Design Degree?: Interior Design Careers

Furniture Designers

A furniture designer’s job, like other interior design careers, is multi-faceted, from drawing and planning to building models and prototypes. Their clients may be individual people or several suppliers of a corporation. Part of their job is creating custom furniture to best fit a room in either a house for daily use, a showroom to highlight or accompany a product, or in offices. Many furniture designers are well versed in architecture, craftsmanship, and carpentry designs. They use materials like wood, metals, fabrics, and textiles.

Kitchen Designers

The kitchen designer deals with the kitchen aesthetics and usefulness of the room. They may work alongside general contractors or architectural designers to determine a specific floor plan. Kitchen designers need to understand functional details like kitchen temperatures of the items being used, maintenance that is required for equipment, and replacement procedures. They also need to balance both the design and functionality of the items that they recommend to their clients. It’s one of the most fun interior design careers for those who love cooking.

Lighting Designers

The job of a lighting designer is to ensure adequate lighting is present throughout the room or space in question. Knowledge of basic wiring or working with a qualified electrician is needed; this is one of those interior design careers that takes some serious scientific knowledge. Understanding schematic designs and decorative products, such as lighting fittings, shades, and luminaries is a must. Having a comprehension of all the types of lighting is highly recommended.

Exhibition Designer

Interior designers who work in museums, libraries, galleries, or historical sites are called exhibition designers. More and more, these designers also work in retail stores and boutiques where they design scenes that best show the product being marketed. They work with layouts of a particular exhibit or create a specific theme for the display and their client. The exhibition designer assembles and installs the equipment for the show or display. Exhibition designers are decision-makers of the main decor of the exhibit as well. Knowledge of modular stand designs and 3D imaging is a must. Many models are custom-built for the exhibit shown. The exhibition designers may also be considered floor management operators, keeping a record of the “traffic” around the exhibits.

Interior Designer Qualifications

Interior designers concern themselves not just with how a room looks, but how it functions. Occasionally, designers from different specializations may work together on a particular project. So is interior design a good career? Sure, if you have the basic skills and interior designer qualifications needed: for the interior design job description, creativity, having a passion for design, and being a visionary are essentials. Seeing a completed room in your mind before it’s on paper is what makes an interior designer stand out from the rest. Interior designer qualifications don’t necessarily include school, but an education is necessary to earn  certification in interior design . Certification is also key to getting the highest interior design career salary. If you love the process, though, interior design careers can be more than worth the hard work.

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