There are several fields a person can choose from when entering into engineering . All of them can make a person a lucrative salary , but some rank as the highest paying engineering jobs. While many engineering careers require a master’s degree, there are some very rewarding areas of engineering that require only a bachelor’s, including mechanical engineering technology jobs, electrical engineering technology jobs, and computer engineering technology jobs, among others. 

Which Field of Engineering Has the Highest Salary?

An electrical engineer or electronics engineer makes an average of $99,070 annually, which is the same as $47.63 per hour. Alaska, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, and Vermont are the states with the average highest electrical engineering technology salary. Generally, individuals make over $100,000 per year in these areas.

The median salary for an entry-level mechanical engineer is $87,370 per year. This is the same as $42.00 per hour. Some states are known for mechanical engineers earning more, including Alaska, Washington D.C., New Mexico, and Maryland. For example, in Alaska, a mechanical engineer makes an average of $128,690 annually or $61.87 hourly. 

A computer technology engineer earns an average of $114,600 per year or $55.10 hourly. Therefore, of these three areas of engineering, computer technology engineers have the highest pay on average. California, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Washington are known for having the highest computer engineering technology salary. In fact, in California, the average computer engineering technology salary is $131,570 per year, making it the highest-paid engineering field when comparing these three options. 

Is Mechanical Engineering a Good Career?

Besides being an answer to which engineering has highest salary, mechanical engineering jobs have other benefits as well. Therefore, there are other aspects to consider when asking is mechanical engineering a good career? For one, mechanical engineering technology jobs are expected to grow just as fast as the average job. You only need a bachelor’s degree to obtain an entry-level position. The entry-level positions are often the answer to which engineering has highest salary. Besides the engineering technology salary for this field, a person has the option of mechanical engineering technology jobs in a variety of locations, such as working with machinery, in architecture, or in transportation, among other options. 

Is Computer Engineering a Good Career?

This field ranks as the highest paid engineering field of the three mentioned above. However, besides the benefit of the electrical engineering technology salary, individuals trained in this area of engineering are needed in a variety of places. First and foremost, a person only needs to have a bachelor’s degree to take on entry-level positions and to take on the highest paying engineering jobs. A person with a degree in this field may not only earn a high engineering technology degree salary but may take on positions with computer software companies or even with the federal government. 

Is Electrical Engineering a Good Career?

The estimate for the engineering technology degree salary in this area of engineering is high. Like the other areas of engineering mentioned above, a person only needs to have a bachelor’s degree to take on entry-level positions. Plus, just like the other areas of engineering, a person has the potential to move up in his or her position and take on management positions. 

With this particular area of engineering, a person can work for electric companies or companies that manufacture electrical products. A person may also take on a position for the U.S. government. 

What Are Other High Paying Engineering Areas Are There?

These aren’t the only types of engineering. A person may also get into civil, chemical, nuclear, and biomedical engineering, among others. Fortunately, these are all high paying fields of engineering as well. All of them can earn a person near or over $100,000 per year. 

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