is business administration a good major

Working on a college degree offers new opportunities for business major careers. The challenge is identifying the area of study that helps you reach your goals. When you have an interest in business, you may consider a degree in business administration. Business administration degree jobs offer interesting opportunities in a variety of fields. What jobs can you get with a business management degree ? The key is identifying the costs and comparing the potential salary to determine if it is an investment in your future.

Costs of an Education in Business Administration

The cost of an undergrad business degree varies significantly between schools and programs. Clarifying the cost starts with selecting schools with the right degree programs and comparing the options, always with lucrative business major careers in mind. That’s the way to get the best return on your investment .

An in-state student will usually pay less for an undergrad business degree when compared to an out-of-state student. The tuition costs are usually broken down by semester or by quarter, depending on the method used by the school for your education. It may also apply to the number of credits you pursue during a particular semester. You can also expect variation between private and public schools. The private schools may cost almost $35,000 per year, while an in-state public school education costs an average of roughly $10,000 per year. Out-of-state students in a public school will pay more, so they may average roughly $25,000 in a public university per year for an undergrad business degree.

The costs may not include the use of technology or science labs, so you can expect extra fees after tuition. You can also expect some variation in your expenses for your materials, such as books used in the classroom. When you are evaluating the costs, you want to compare different colleges and universities to determine the exact rates you can expect for your education.

Business administration internships may cost you in time – you’re usually not getting paid, but spending significant hours in that unpaid job. But business administration internships are key parts of working your way into entry level business management jobs.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Business Management Degree?

When you obtain a bachelor’s in business, you will want to evaluate your job opportunities for business major careers. Entry-level business management jobs are competitive, but they’re also plentiful. Any business administration jobs list will point to the most common positions:

  • Administrative officer
  • Administrative specialist
  • Business officer
  • Business analyst
  • Office manager

Business administration degree entry-level jobs help you start a career in a variety of fields and areas. Entry-level business management jobs include office management or sales management if you prefer to take on a management role. You can also work as a financial analyst if you prefer to start your career in a bank or a similar institution. The business administration jobs list goes on and on.

If you prefer to work in research, then you have opportunities in market research as an analyst and researcher. Working in human resources allows you to directly influence the hiring process, which can make a major impact on your company’s success. Business administration degree jobs offer a variety of opportunities in different companies and fields based on your personal interests and goals.

With certain specializations – sports management , for example, or construction management – the field may be more or less competitive; there are fewer jobs necessary in sports management than in construction, for instance. An undergrad business degree won’t get you the highest-ranking – or the highest business management jobs salary – but it will get you higher than starting in the proverbial mailroom. To go further, an MBA is the ticket .

Business Administration Jobs Salary Potential

The business administration job’s salary potential in business major careers varies significantly based on your job and location. Business management salary per hour can be hard to figure; most managers will work on a salary rather than a per-hour basis. The average salary for a financial analyst is around $84,000 per year. A market research analyst has an average salary of around $63,000 per year. Management positions pay slightly more with an average salary of $121,000 for a sales manager.

Exact business administration jobs salary figures may vary based on experience, your position in the company, and your location. You can expect a lower starting salary since the rates increase over time. Business management salary per hour may even look a little disappointing because many companies expect long hours from a new manager.

Investing in your education allows you to increase your income and career opportunities. A degree in business administration gives you the flexibility to pursue a variety of careers, so it is a good investment if you want to work in a business or corporate environment. It also gives you a chance to work in management, which may help with your long-term career goals.

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