Students interested in politics may wonder about the best things to do with a political science degree. Below, prospective students can find high-paying political science jobs to match their interests to the right program.

If you enjoyed the debate team in high school or want a career in politics, a political science degree may lead to a lucrative career . Keep in mind that a political science degree is often a stepping stone to a master’s or doctorate degree. Many students also go on to pursue a law degree and sit for the relevant state bar.

What are the Most Lucrative High-Paying Jobs in Political Science?

Lawyers probably have the highest paying political science jobs. Although becoming a lawyer requires four years of law school, many aspiring attorneys start with an undergraduate degree in political science.

As one of the best high-paying political science jobs, becoming a lawyer could net graduates an average salary of $122,960. The lowest 10% make an average of $60,000, while the highest 10% bring home more than $208,000.

Many lawyers have high-profile jobs that include an undergraduate degree in political science and a law degree. Attorneys also have to pass the state bar and meet other requirements to practice law and their area of expertise.

Some specializations in this field include environmental law, family law, corporate law, and tax law. Duties vary depending on whether students decide to open their own practice or join a firm. Lawyers also have to manage their staff which often includes paralegal teams and receptionists.

What About Other High-Paying Political Science Jobs?

Becoming a college or university political science teacher can net graduates one of the highest paying jobs in political science. Post-secondary political science teachers lead engaging discussions of recent events and help students grasp how local, state and federal governments work.

To qualify for one of the best jobs for a political science degree, students may need to obtain their master’s or doctoral degrees as well. One of the best jobs with a political science degree, students might find work in a community college or local university. The average salary for this job is $102,000. the lowest 10% of employees in this field make about $44,000 while the top 10% make $184,000.

These professionals work in colleges and universities and must exhibit a high degree of expertise to obtain a full-time position. Postgraduate degree programs enhance students’ abilities to find fellowship and research positions that can lead to tenured positions at respected universities.

Yes, both hearing officers and judges often begin their education with a political science degree. These are two of the best jobs for a political science degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , judges and hearing officers make an average of $120,000 per year. Judges also typically attend law school and have extensive legal experience prior to meeting eligibility standards for this important position. Hearing officers may also go on to obtain additional training or education prior to qualifying for their roles.

As top legal professionals, judges and hearing officers maintain order and guide procedures in a courtroom setting. These professionals write judicial opinions, preside over court proceedings and sentence criminals.

What Does an Arbitrator Do and How Much Do They Make?

Becoming an arbitrator is one of the best things to do with a political science degree. The high salary potential makes this one of the best jobs with a political science degree. Most arbitrators go on to obtain a Juris Doctorate from well-respected law schools. This specialized position demands finesse, negotiating skills and patience.

Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators make an average of $74,000 per year. The top 10% of professionals in this field bring home $124,000. While the income range varies depending on education and experience, this is a highly lucrative field.

Arbitrators act as objective facilitators to bring a resolution to legal disputes. These disputes may involve organizations or individuals that would like to avoid going to court. The demand for arbitrators is growing faster than the demand for all jobs combined, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

Now that you’ve had a chance to review some of the highest-paying jobs in political science, you may feel confident in your plans to go ahead with online or in-person classes to obtain a political science degree. There are many other high-paying political science jobs outside this list that students may want to explore before determining which school has the best poly sci program for them.

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