A bachelor of science program in accounting is a multifaceted degree pathway that is not going anywhere anytime soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of 11 percent in related jobs from 2014-2024. This includes over 142,000 additional jobs for auditors, accountants, and other positions that are similar. There are many entry-level accounting jobs and positions in the financial sector that are relevant to a bachelor of science degree in accounting. Let’s take a deeper look.

Pretty much every industry requires a financial consultant to stay afloat. This may be someone who focuses on taxes, supporting the financial mission of the company or organization or someone that can help structure pay rates for employees based on what the company brings in from all of its sources. Many bachelors of science in accounting degree programs have specializations that students can choose from. These subjects will support graduates to achieve careers in specific sectors of the financial industry, and/ or enable them to specialize in a professional niche. This undergraduate academic pathway offers students the skills to achieve a myriad of entry-level accounting jobs while also giving them the perfect foundation for future graduate study in accounting. Many bachelors of accounting students go on to take their CPA Exams in an effort to become certified public accountants. This certification will open many doors, though it is certainly not a requirement to achieve if you want to become an accountant. It is important to keep in mind that there are many entry-level accounting jobs for those who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Accounting jobs salary ranges quite a bit. A BS in accounting salary average , according to PayScale’s data, is $62,327. On the low end you will find a staff accountant position that makes around $47,000 and on the higher end, you will see a corporate controller position that makes $100,000. 

Just like the career path itself, accounting bachelor’s degree programs come in many shapes and sizes and work with many populations. Whether you study in an online program that offers flexible coursework or a traditional in-person program, the degree itself should be pretty similar. Most programs require students to complete around 120-128 credit hours to graduate. Some of the upper-level accounting classes that students may take include: managerial accounting, accounting ethics, federal tax accounting, cost management, and auditing. 

Best Entry Level Accounting Jobs

Take a look at some careers that a bachelor’s of science in accounting can yield. Many of these opportunities provide avenues for advancement and plenty of room to grow.

Tax Examiner

This is a position ripe for a graduate of a bachelor’s of science in accounting degree program. This career is perfect for someone interested in the tax field-which can include tax collectors or tax examiners. These positions have many options to work with a variety of populations in a myriad of settings including government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and even individuals. They are often the ones to look over tax documentation like returns and ensure there are no omissions or errors and they are responsible for communicating with filers about their findings. It is critical that people in this position stay abreast of industry and tax changes in order to offer the most up-to-date information and advice to their clients. 

Public Accountant

This is one of the most common accounting careers for those who have accomplished bachelor’s of science accounting degrees. These professionals can achieve employment from either private practices or accounting firms of different sizes. They will be trained to work with businesses, nonprofits, government organizations, or individuals. They provide a number of services including completing tax returns, compiling statements and information for corporate audits, maintaining financial records as well as offering financial accounting advice. 

Internal Auditor

Internal auditors work within government agencies, corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses and work to review the organizational accounting practices and procedures. They also implement practices of improvement in accordance with accounting laws and regulations. 

Forensic Accountant or Investigator

This is someone who looks into criminal activity related to taxes and financial compliance. They may work for a variety of agencies or corporations, including in the governmental sector. Their daily tasks generally include reviewing financial statements and ensuring they are in compliance with regulations and laws. They may also conduct audits for individuals or companies who are filing their taxes. They may work for the FBI or IRS or in local agencies who are interested in ensuring that they are following proper tax regulations.


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