• What Can I Do with an Online IT Degree?

    An information technology career path is very flexible. With an online degree in information technology, specialists are able to choose from a variety of computer science jobs.  What are the Career Opportunities in Information Technology? A typical information technology careers list will include titles such as computer systems analyst, software developer, web developer, IT security …

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  • What Can I Do With a Graphic Design Bachelor’s?

    Graphic design is an exciting field that mixes creativity, artistic talent, marketing ability, and communication. If you have a passion for any of these things, then a graphic designing career would make for a great fit. Advertising is a very popular, lucrative field. Advertising graphic design helps build brand awareness in a visually appealing way. …

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  • What Can I Do with an Engineering Bachelor’s?

    When you are looking into career options and your education, you may consider a bachelor’s degree in engineering as a solution to reach your goals. An engineering degree offers an opportunity to work on the design and use of technology, machines, and other projects. It gives you the tools to build new products or to …

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  • What is the Value of an Online Engineering Degree?

    Engineering focuses on different aspects of building and developing new products. You may focus on research and development, or you may work on the maintenance of an existing machine or tool. It gives you the flexibility to focus on specific areas of building, developing, researching, or improving technology. Many of the best engineering schools are …

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  • The Complete Job Description of a Project Manager

    The specific job of a project manager can vary from industry to industry, but it is possible to put together a project manager job description that will prepare job candidates for a career in any situation. In industries such as contracting, the role of the project manager is very prominent. In a field such as …

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  • College Campus Safety: Community, Not Force

    When you’re searching for a college to attend, college crime statistics are probably the last thing you’ll check – if you check at all. There are so many other things to take into account than college campus safety – cost, reputation, and value, degree offerings, return on investment, whether to go on-campus or online – …

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  • How Can I Get In-State Tuition in Another State?

    We all know that in-state tuition, meaning the price residents pay, is definitely cheaper than the out-of-state cost of a good education. Let’s face it, going into debt before you’re out of your twenties is surely not a good financial plan, and we all know that in-state tuition is definitely cheaper than the out-of-state cost. …

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  • Can I Get an Online Bachelor’s Degree While Working?

    Traditional “brick and mortar” colleges mainly offer classes during weekdays. One of the biggest expenses of going to a traditional college is the lost wages from not being able to work during the days when classes are offered. And without an income, it is hard for many students to pay rent and essential expenses, even …

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  • Will I Save Money Getting My Degree Online?

    Compared to traditional degrees, online college degrees can offer substantial financial savings. Tuition and fees for online degrees are often less expensive than for a traditional bachelor’s degree. The total cost of a traditional four-year college degree currently averages around $85,000 compared to the total cost of an online bachelor’s degree which averages around $35,000. …

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  • How do I avoid the freshman 15?

    Those heading to college often worry about the possibility of weight gain in their first year. We’ve all heard the alarming phrase, the “Freshman 15” – everybody gains 15 pounds in their first year of college. Well, first of all, it’s actually more like the freshman three. Not quite as scary right? A recent Social …

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  • Complete Job Description of a Sports Marketing Specialist

    If you have a knack for sales, and a heart for sports, then a sports marketing specialist job may be the perfect job for you. By using marketing skills, Sports Marketing Specialists promote and sell products, research techniques or methods used by specialists in the field, and advertise teams and products to the public. The …

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