• What is Public Health?

    The role of public health in our society cannot be overstated, and people who hold a Master’s in Public Health can hold a variety of positions. Public health workers can find employment in the government or for corporations, and they can also work in nursing homes and in hospitals. What are the Core Functions of …

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  • 5 Career Options for the MPH Graduate

    As public health becomes more important to the overall well-being of the human population, and the healthcare field expands to a national and international level, public health is proving to be a trusted and rewarding career path. There are numerous MPH jobs that are readily open for individuals who choose to undertake a Master’s in Public …

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  • How can I get tuition paid as a veteran?

    If you’ve served our country, it’s likely you’ve been promised the benefit currently known as Military Tuition Assistance (TA), although also frequently referred to as the G.I. Bill (or its official title, the servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944). However, its a misnomer to call it the G.I. Bill, as that really doesn’t exist anymore. The …

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  • Who Can Use an Online Master’s in Management?

    Master’s in Management (MIM) degrees are similar to the better-known MBA. They both require a graduate to have Leadership, Organizational, and Business-related skills. However, for Master in Management degrees, students do not need years of job experience to get started, or a bachelor’s degree in business. An online Master’s in Management and Leadership program provides …

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  • How Do I Become a Certified/Licensed Interior Designer?

    Interior designers can work in homes, offices, or construction sites. They can work alone or with a group of consultants. Understanding building construction, lighting, furniture design, and color themes are essential to the job of an interior designer has. Interior designers tend to work long hours, due to having very demanding clients. However, the field …

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  • What is the Design Aspect of a Degree in Packaging?

    Pick up a package. Turn it over in your hands. Inspect it. If you’re more scientific or technical-minded, you may wonder “How did this get here?” or “How does this work?” But the purely practical considerations of making a package, protecting a product, or shipping products to their destination is only part of the packaging …

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  • Fire Science Degree Options

    Firefighting is a rigorous and tasking occupation, yet few jobs impart the level of pride that men and women who save lives and forests from perishing have. While it may seem like a job that requires limited training, firefighters need extensive education to be fully effective. Putting out flames is just part of what you …

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  • There’s No Shame in Community College (And Lots to Love)

    There are a lot of misconceptions about community college, and it’s well past time to start wiping them out. We’ll say it now: there’s no shame in community college. Community college is value-added, plain and simple. Nearly half of all American college students are in community college, and it’s the number one choice for first-generation …

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  • What should I know about the Federal Work-Study program?

    If you’re heading to college and need money for tuition and fees, there are plenty of options, grants, scholarships, and student loans being the most common. But one form of financial aid that often goes unnoticed is the Federal Work-Study Program. The Federal Work-Study Program, also known as FWS or just Work-Study, is a government-funded …

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  • Master’s in Management: Online or On-Campus?

    From the time fully-online degrees became a realistic proposition (around the mid-1990s), business programs have been prime for the web treatment. It’s not surprising; most aspects of business education, such as case studies, economic and financial analysis, and management theory, can be easily translated into an online medium. That is certainly true of the MBA; …

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  • Is a STEM degree a good investment?

    A proud moment for the parents of any college student might be when he or she declares a major in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field. Maybe more relief than pride, as most of us now know STEM majors will find the job market much easier than their Liberal Arts counterparts. It’s hard out …

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  • What’s the Difference Between a Management and an MBA Degree?

    For well over a century, since it was first introduced at Harvard University in 1908, the Master of Business Administration has been the standard terminal degree in business (the highest in the field). Over the 20th century, specializations proliferated, from management to finance, international to entrepreneurship, while the 21st century has seen specializations like information …

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