• How do I save money on textbooks?

    There are a lot of costs students don’t typically think about when they’re heading to college: meal plans, parking, laundry, and copies, for instance. But the one that really gets us all that first semester books. College textbooks are expensive. Everybody knows it, everybody complains about it, and there’s not much anybody can do about …

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  • Should I Consider a Graduate Certificate Before an Online MBA?

    Absolutely! A Graduate Certificate can be a valuable stepping stone toward a traditional or online MBA degree. One of the most influential factors in an individual’s decision to pursue higher education is the ability to make more money. A Graduate Certificate can provide marketable skills and credentials after only one or two semesters of study, …

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  • Navigating Online Medical Billing and Coding Classes

    When students search for medical coding and billing schools near me, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn that many major colleges offer medical billing and coding programs online. These include Albany State, Berkeley College Online, Kaplan University, and more. It takes, on average, about a year to earn the certification in medical billing and coding, …

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  • How Do I Choose an MBA Specialization?

    Throughout time, educational systems have developed in response to changes in society. The first MBA degree program was created at Harvard Business School in 1908 as institutional education’s response to the Post-Industrial Revolution business world. The MBA degree continues to evolve alongside the industry as new technology, and new markets emerge. New MBA specializations that …

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  • What Can I Do with a Digital Marketing Degree?

    A lot of companies are moving their services online. This has created a high demand for people who know how to operate in the digital space.  Marketing is also a key part of business success. Without proper marketing, even the greatest company will ultimately go out of business. Thus, the marketing industry is a space …

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  • What Can I Do with a Digital Marketing Certificate?

    College students today are paying many times more than they did just 40 years ago. Even still, the latest research indicates that college graduates make an average of $17,000 more than non-college graduates, and even more so for those seeking entry-level jobs in digital marketing jobs. Many new students are looking for practical degrees that …

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  • Will a Certificate in Organizational Leadership Help My Career?

    A certificate in organizational leadership is a comprehensive upgrade to any degree, as it offers students essential leadership skills that are applicable to careers across the board. This is an excellent alternative to achieving a master’s degree in organizational leadership. Many students might choose to achieve an organizational leadership certificate to gain managerial level employment …

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  • What Does a Project Manager Do?

    There are many types of jobs in project management, and project managers have a wide range of responsibilities they must take care of from day to day. They plan and organize every step of the project and at the same time oversee the workforce. They supervise each department to ensure the work is completed properly …

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  • Why is Human Resources Important?

    Human resources used to be a department that handled the hiring and letting go of employees, payroll, and making sure employees understood the rules outlined in the employee handbook. Changes in various employment laws meant that the human resource department had to evolve and take on a stronger role in the operation of an organization. …

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  • Is an Online MBA Worth It?

    As a person questions his or her future, he or she may wonder if earning an MBA is worth the expense. This list of frequently asked questions can a person decide if furthering his or her education in business administration is worth it. These answers can help a person decide the answer to the question, …

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  • What Can I Learn in a Coding Boot Camp?

    Coding boot camps are a great way to learn about certain types of coding and how they can be used to create various types of software programs and platforms. There are many different types of coding boot camps to choose from. Your particular industry or career field will determine what type of boot camp you …

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