• Are Online Degrees a Good Investment?

    If you haven’t noticed, the online education sector is growing rapidly. This isn’t 2005. The stigma or skepticism attached to anything “online,” be it dating, working, banking, paying bills, or even schooling, are gone. There are definitely things to consider when choosing an online institution; you want one that fits your value system; one that …

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  • What Can I Do with a Project Management Certificate?

    Those who are considering getting a project management certificate would be wise to do their research before investing the time, energy, and financial resources necessary to complete it. The good news is that there are plenty of jobs with project management certification that graduates will be eligible to apply for upon completion of their degree.  …

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  • What Can I Do with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership?

    The academic field of organizational leadership is interdisciplinary in nature and ties heavily into a number of career paths. Technically, organizational leadership is an arm of business administration that emphasizes such relevant skill-building topics as communications, professional development, human resources (HR), social responsibility and ethics, behavioral science, corporate management, among many others. This advanced degree …

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  • What Does a Human Resources Manager Do?

    To answer the essential question “What is a human resources manager?” a human resource manager is a person who manages the human resources department. This person is the one responsible for making sure the human resources team executes all the necessary tasks. The human resources department is the one responsible for the hiring process as …

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  • What Can I Do with a Human Resources Degree?

    Human resources cover a broad range of careers. Graduates with a Bachelor’s or Masters’ degree in Human Resources can apply for many positions, such as Executive Recruiter, Training and Development Manager, and more. Here’s pentaq电竞官网全球’ rundown of human resources degree jobs. What Is an Executive Recruiter? The role of an Executive Recruiter involves establishing …

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  • What do I need to know when applying for student loans?

    By now you’ve heard about the horrors of excessive student loans. Many students in recent years have been set up for life-long financial trouble by easily obtained, difficult to repay loans. If you don’t want to be one of them, you should really only consider student loans after you have sourced any and all free …

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  • How can I get a tuition reimbursement from my employer?

    Maybe you went straight to work after high school, or after a couple of years of college, you cut out early to start making some money and figured you’d get back eventually. Well, now may be the perfect time to inquire if your employer participates in a tuition payment/reimbursement program, also known as waivers, to …

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  • Top 10 Best Online Associate’s in Early Childhood Education Degrees

    Teaching is one of the most important professions, as these trained and licensed education professionals have a great influence on young children through their final years in high school and beyond. Ultimately, teachers shape future generations. Early childhood educators are tasked with the responsibility of preparing young children for academic success before they enter kindergarten. …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online Digital Marketing Certificates

    The tech industry has played a major role in democratizing the job market – rather than valuing degrees, many tech employers only care whether you can do the job or not. Digital marketing jobs are no different. But a certificate in digital marketing is a valuable way to make yourself stand out on the job …

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  • What’s the ROI of a college degree?

    Call it what it is: attending college is an investment. Hopefully, it’s a good one, and we can help you with that, but in order to really understand the importance of Return On Investment (ROI) we’ll need to break down the term for how it applies in the education world. What is ROI? Understanding the …

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  • What are the non-monetary benefits of attending college?

    Student debt is a very real problem; for many Americans, it has become an insurmountable barrier and a red mark on their credit. It’s understandable that prospective students and their families would ask themselves, “Really, do I need college?” No doubt, college graduates make more money than those without degrees – that’s backed up by …

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  • How Much Money Can I Make With a Health Informatics Degree?

    Since the turn of the 21st century, the United States government has pushed to integrate various functionalities of Information Technology across the healthcare sector. Subsequently, there has been an increase in demand for IT-savvy personnel who have the aptitude to bridge the gap between clinical functionalities such as record keeping and IT. Therefore, a health …

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