• Complete Job Description of an Athletic Director

    If your career path is pointing you in the direction of becoming an Athletic Director, one of the first steps is knowing what is required of you. The duties involved in the career of an Athletic Director are many. Athletic directors are in high demand; and positions will require managerial experience, sharp business minds, and the …

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  • Can I get financial aid with a criminal record?

    Short answer: maybe. If you want to go to college, it’s best not to get convicted of a crime. But it’s an unfortunate reality that sometimes it takes a serious wake-up call to realize you need to turn your life around and make something better for yourself. In many cases, that means education. But, having …

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  • How Much Can I Make With an MPA?

    Professionals in public service typically choose to return to school to get their Master of Public Administration (MPA) for practical reasons: to advance in their career and make more money. An MPA helps working professionals move into higher positions of authority, and with it, make a higher salary. Working adults in public service may not …

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  • 10 Highest-Paying Community College Degrees

    For the last four decades or so, a four-year college degree has been held up as the standard for anyone who wants a “good” job. But public sentiment is starting to turn toward community college, with proposals to make community college free, renewed emphasis on trades and skilled professions, and backlash against excessive student loan …

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  • Ultimate Guide to Community College

    Chances are, you’re familiar with the community colleges in your area as you attended high school. High school students frequently attend vocational classes at the local community college to have a jump start on their careers after graduating from high school. But just what is a community college? They frequently get overlooked or given less …

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  • How Fast Can I Finish an Online Bachelor’s Degree?

    Online classes have become so mainstream that even traditional classes have online components these days. What online classes can offer that traditional classrooms cannot is an alternative schedule since classes don’t have to be taught in real-time. This means that some schools provide accelerated programs, alternative credit options, and ways to use all 365 days …

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  • What are the Highest-Paying Counseling Jobs?

    Counseling is a career that professionals tend to enter not to make a fortune, but to do good – public service, after all, isn’t a big money-making endeavor. But some jobs in counseling pay better than others, so when students are considering their choices, it’s a good idea to think about where to specialize to …

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  • Is an Information Technology Degree Worth It?

    An IT degree salary will vary based on both the person’s educational background and desired position. A bachelors in information technology salary will typically be significantly more than a salary when a person only has certifications. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports BS information technology salary averages are at least $30,000 more yearly than information …

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  • Top 3 Best Paying Jobs in Occupational Health and Safety

    Occupational health and safety jobs can be highly rewarding as they set the standards and conditions that protect employee welfare in the workplace. Depending on the types of jobs in the safety field an applicant is interested in, the positions can also offer high salaries. Entry-level safety jobs, as well as health and safety jobs …

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  • Best Value Online Emergency Management Programs

    We are just getting over a public health crisis with the global pandemic of the last few years. These are trying times with so much uncertainty, but what we do know is that there are many skilled professionals not only on the front lines of supporting the country and the world to get through this …

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  • What is the value of college?

    Everyone tells you to go to college. Everyone knows college is a good thing. It’s become so ingrained in our society that most of us don’t even question it. But what many of us can’t put our fingers on is exactly what to value of college is. You may not know if you can afford …

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  • How Long Will an Online Community College Degree Take?

    Are you in a hurry to get a credential that will help you start a new career, advance in your current career, or help transfer to a 4-year college or university? Online community college degree programs are a handy, flexible way to do it. But just how long will it take to get your degree …

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