• Best Careers in Machine Learning

    Students studying machine learning will have a wide array of opportunities before them, as our society edges ever closer to automating significant numbers of processes performed by human beings today. Many of the operations behind-the-scenes operations of apps we use every day are programmed using machine learning. Careers in machine learning are increasing in demand, as …

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  • Does a BSN Pay Off?

    Many nurses don’t feel the need to earn their BSN degree, and there’s nothing wrong with that. An RN with an associate’s degree and an RN with a BSN are both nurses, after all, working in the same hospitals and doctor’s offices and clinics. However, the differences start to show not long into the career, …

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  • What are the Benefits of Community College?

    Lots of people, whether they’re graduating from high school or going back to school after some years of working, look at the cost of college and say, “Nope, can’t afford it.” Tuition in colleges and universities, even public state institutions, is going up every year, and for many people, it’s just not manageable. But there …

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  • Is ABET Accreditation Important?

    It is essential that any school that wants to be considered a leader in its field receives the proper ABET accreditation for engineering and technology. ABET stands for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. ABET accreditation is received by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET in conjunction with the ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and …

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  • What is the Praxis Test?

    The Praxis test is a series of exams administered (and managed) by the Education Testing Service (ETS) across the continental United States and any other U.S. territory. In most states, it is a crucial part of becoming a teacher. Praxis tests were, and continue to be, crafted with a fundamental purpose — to create an …

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  • What are the Career Options for an Artificial Intelligence Major?

    Jobs in the artificial intelligence industry are expected to increase by 2.3 million positions by the year 2030, and according to a report produced by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute, 83% of companies that use AI technologies confirm that AI is already contributing to the creation of new jobs. Artificial intelligence is being used for a variety of applications for the purpose …

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  • Is a Bachelor’s in Business Administration a Good Investment?

    Working on a college degree offers new opportunities for business major careers. The challenge is identifying the area of study that helps you reach your goals. When you have an interest in business, you may consider a degree in business administration. Business administration degree jobs offer interesting opportunities in a variety of fields. What jobs …

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  • How Do I Get a Job with OSHA?

    OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a federal agency that monitors working conditions across all industries and professions. The fact that it’s a government agency can complicate getting employment due to the fact you have to “fit” a certain profile for OSHA inspection jobs, but if you can pass a background check and …

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  • Advantages to Choosing an Online Community College

    Changes in the workforce and job market over the last two decades have made online community college more important than ever. That’s especially true for working adults, rural and minority students, and other nontraditional students who want to get ahead. Online community college programs have the potential to fundamentally change American occupational and career education, …

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  • Ultimate Guide to Degree Completion Programs

    Online degree completion programs are designed to pick up where you left off if you were forced to stop working toward your degree. Life happens. Lack of money, the need to go back to work, family conflicts, and many other circumstances could throw roadblocks in your path when it comes to finishing your education. An …

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  • Is an Online Engineering Master’s Worth It?

    Many students often wonder if an online engineering master’s is worth it. To effectively answer that question, it’s important to ask about what types of engineers make the most money and what opportunities an engineering graduate has open to them as they move forward with their career. A master’s of engineering salary can range quite …

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  • Should I Become a Special Education Teacher?

    Special education teachers work with students who have been diagnosed with a disability. Disabilities may be mental, physical, learning, or emotional. A special education teacher degree and certification qualifies the educator to teach disabled students and teach basic skills to general education students.  Special Education Teacher Description  One of the biggest challenges in special education …

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